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Surviving Malnutrition During the Age of Discovery

 ( Not Rated ) , By BeED Author   -  Biology Upper Secondary (Core Content, IGCSE)

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  Thursday, February 14, 2019
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About this Place Of Interest

Located in the old part of Malacca, the Cheng Ho cultural museum stores huge historical records of the Ming Dynasty admiral Cheng Ho’s visit to Melaka during his seven voyages to the Western Ocean. The museum, housed in a building built about 600 years ago, stretches over three floors divided into various sections such as a ship gallery, old Melaka village, a treasure ship, an antique gallery and a garden courtyard.

About this Learning Experience

This Learning Experience describes the challenges faced by ship crews and the importance of good nutrition and food preservation techniques. This Learning Experience focuses on only one section of the ship, but will still require considerable time to explore/answer the questions. Itis suitable for upper secondary students, Year 4-5 .

Syllabus Content

  • Human nutrition
  • - Effects of malnutrition - starvation and scurvy.

Resources Needed


Cheng Ho's Cultural Museum, Melaka, Malaysia

Muzium Budaya Cheng Ho 51 Lorong Hang Jebat 75200 Malacca Town, Malacca, 75200, Melaka, Melaka, Malaysia


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