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The Village that Survived it All!

 ( Not Rated ) , By BeED Author   -  Chemistry Lower Secondary (IGCSE)

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  Thursday, January 31, 2019
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Course Info

About this Place Of Interest

Located on the coast of Lake Toba, Tomok is a traditional village. One of its main attractions is the Batak traditional house. The house is built with ironwood (a type of wood known for its hardness and strength) while the saddle-shaped roofs are made of tough sugar palm (Arenga pinnata) black fibre. You will also find a sarcophagus of a Sidabutar chieftain, carved from a single rock. The face is sculptured like a lion-faced mythical creature - part bull, part elephant. There is a small statue in the saddle-shaped lid of a woman carrying a bow that is believed to represent the dead chief’s wife [1].

About this Learning Experience

This Learning Experience will teach you about various types of materials. You will also learn how materials used in the coffin vary in relation to status hierarchy. This Learning Experience is suitable for lower secondary students, year 1-3.

Syllabus Content

  • Metal and non-metals
  • Metals and non-metals in the periodic table
  • Physical and chemical properties of metals and non-metals

Resources Needed


Tomok, Lake Toba, Indonesia

North Sumatra


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