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Frequently asked questions

Our Learning Experiences (LEs) aim to enhance travel by making it more enriching and rewarding. Through these LEs, learners explore and connect school syllabi to actual points of interest around the world. For example, learners may choose an LE that links the topic of microorganisms in Biology while on-site at the Terracotta Army in Xi’an, China or one that teaches mathematical formulas to calculate the projectile path of a cannonball at historical Fort Canning in Singapore. BeED’s Learning Experiences thus bridge the gap between textbook learning and an on-site application of academic knowledge, making education more relevant and exciting for learners of all ages.

That’s one of the great things about BeED – we’re more than happy when someone wants to spread education! When you sign up as a Free-Account user, you’re entitled to share all your purchased Learning Experiences to up to three different email addresses.

Just click on your profile picture once you’ve logged in, select “Profile” and then “My User List”. Fill in the email addresses of your choice* and send the invite!

*These email addresses will be permanently linked to your principal account as a BeED Free-Account user. Please note that you can make up to one change in email addresses only.

For Pro-Account Users, you have the added benefit of being able to share Learning Experiences to an unlimited number of email addresses.

As Pro-Account users, you have the option of selecting conscripted writes. These Learning Experiences are specifically created to suit your students’ needs in terms of location, syllabus, academic subject and proficiency level. To enquire more about customizing Learning Experiences, kindly send us an enquiry in the Contact Us section.

We’re happy you like our work! If you want to renew your subscription, kindly contact us under the Contact Us section on the BeED website. We’ll also be sending you gentle reminders 3 months before your subscription ends to remind you about renewing your membership.

Each Learning Experience is carefully crafted by our writers and will often require a pre-writing inspection at the actual place of interest. Due to this, the expenses incurred in the creation of these Learning Experiences are greater when they are of places of interest in a developed country.

Currently, our list of developed countries include Singapore, while our list of developing countries include Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Vietnam*.

Moreover, the Learning Experiences all have varying durations, measured in 2-hour blocks. Learning Experiences that require more than 2 hours will be priced higher as more work and effort has been put into their development.

*We are continuously expanding our Learning Experiences across the globe! Check back with us now and then for the latest updates.

If you receive this email, it means that one of our members have purchased a Learning Experience and would like you to try it out as well. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay anything! Just sign up with us on the BeED website and download the BeED mobile app on the Google or Apple Store. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you will find the shared Learning Experience located in your Library.


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